Friday, December 06, 2013


Why People Shouldn't "Share"

Dinesh D'Souza; an excellent response to the polemic of phony compassion.


The Pursuit of Happiness and the Great Waste of Time, Resources,and Lives, opposing It

A happy person is not belligerent. A happy person isn't envious or resentful. A happy person isn't cruel or coercive. Happiness is contagious and where there is a happy person, others will see the benefit of living in such accordance.

Is it any wonder that those so impassioned to stir conflict, hold resentment, and demand the subjugation of others to their schemes are always the ones who are clearly unhappy?

So it is that the pursuit of happiness is the most ideal of human endeavors...and, the mere desire to create constraints or command the following of other people's rules a breeding ground for discontent and the worst of human expression.

The pursuit of happiness; so obvious, so simple, so good for anyone that such values touch. Yet everywhere, perpetually, the values that cringe and grimace declare their perpetual war against it, promising that obedience to their commands will one day lead to...happiness...when they could have had, at no cost at all, such bounty from the start.

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